Join us from a base in historic Twickers, (the home of English Rugby), for an extended weekend of sunny hash fun!  London was the world centre of fun during the swinging 1960s, so come along and find your inner hippy! (hmm...without the drugs!)

Registrations are now open!
Head on over to the Registration form.


If you have registered but gone past your due date for payment,  we will need to offer your place and any accommodation booked to those ready to pay now.  However, you would be most welcome to re-register when you are in a better position to meet the payment deadline. 


Announcement! There are no more beds in the accommodation with shared bathrooms. However, we have agreed terms on an extra 180 ensuite beds. Everyone who has registered to date has a place and will receive a payment request. All of you who are still waiting to pay for an ensuite room should soon receive an invoice for your registration fee plus £159 for your ensuite bed.

Room requests were far more numerous than expected for what is usually a camping weekend! Please be patient with us, your invoice will arrive soon but there may be some delay in responding to queries as the Finance and Accommodation teams are away until 1st July!

Has my registration been received?

Check for your hash name in the list of registrants at Who's Cumming .